Who the hell is Picotropico?


Hola, basically PICOTROPICO is MYSELF ¡¡¡, but since its kind of weird to write about MYSELF, here´s a bio that my friends did for me THANK GOD ¡¡¡, so here we go:

Picotropico developed an interest for the piano at an early age and began tinkering on the family piano at around the age of 10.

Form his first professional band the Poncho Kingz. In 1997 signing with BMG and recording in NYC at the legendary Electric Lady Studios their album debut Plan de Contingencia, scoring a Top Ten hit in Latin America with their debut single “Zero Varo” and in the winter of ’97/98 toured around the world for the next several years.

Drawing on the experiences learned from producing the Poncho Kingz albums, Picotropico´s restless nature pushed him towards other endeavors. He spent his time in the early 2000’s on the Mexico City night club DJ-circuit spinning regularly at clubs like the AM, Continental, Rioma and La Santanera( in Playa del Carmen). He has rocked party goers in Berlin, L.A., NYC, Barcelona, Madrid,  Norway and Finland and has shared the turntables with luminaries such as Flying Lotus, Asadinho, Thievery Corporation and Vinni Villbas (among others), been remixed by the upcoming Norwegian duo DE FANTASTISKE TO and released tracks with Paper Recordings new albums PROJECTS FEAR and TRASH THE WAX VOL 3.

He has remixed artists such as Brazilian Girls, Love and Rockets,  Roxy Music, Phil Manzanera and Masa`s OUT THERE song feat MIHO HATORI (Cibo Matto).

In 2012 he wrote and produced the original score and music for the film “La Noche de las Flores” (nominated as BEST FEATURE FICTION film at the Guadalajara Film Festival in 2012) and in that same year produced Australian singer/songwriter Mark Argerakis´(Argy-Rakys) album “Songs from the End of Time”

In his self-produced debut “A Week in the Life” (2014), Picotropico invites us through a musical conceptual journey to live a week with him through his music, as this is a voyage that represents the seven days of his week, plus a couple of NO days (that we all wish could be included in our calendar sometimes ¡¡¡). It is a journey of moods, feelings and thoughts, its electronic, but with live musicians, with a un-gendered style but at the end, as he says, first of all he’s a musician, after which he´s a producer and lastly a DJ, in that order.